About Us

For more than two decades, Contact Strategies has been partnering with clients in the post-secondary, financial, government, insurance, hospitality, retail, and utility sectors around the globe, providing support to enhance both the customer and employee experience. . We have worked with more than 400 Contact Centres to design, develop, and deploy new quality mentoring, customer service and sales initiatives, improve the effectiveness of hiring, training, coaching, and performance management programs and maximize investment in technology.

We’re successful because we listen and take a practical approach to everything we do. Before we make any recommendations, we get to know you and your business.  We focus on your needs and your unique requirements. We engage your people through communication, collaboration, coaching and by freely sharing our knowledge and expertise.

Here’s how we do that.



We're consultants with real-world experience. Everyone on our team has built or managed one or more contact centres. We've seen the industry grow and evolve and we take a “roll up our sleeves” approach to identifying opportunities to improve operating performance and the quality of your customer and employee’s experiences.

We think strategically and also understand the interdependencies between people, process and technology that lead to a well-run operation. When you touch area, it impacts another so we thoroughly analyze all the critical components including service level management, HR, staff utilization, WFM, training, coaching, quality, telephony, cross-channel management and more to understand your needs and help you implement next practices. (Best practices are only best practices when they fit your culture and support your brand promise.)

Unlike some larger consulting firms, we won’t just give you a report. You’ll get concrete recommendations to grow your operation and develop your people, an implementation roadmap and the help you need to facilitate change and take your Contact Centre to the next level.


Quality Mentoring

Your Contact Centre is a listening post, rich in data, a window into your customer’s world that can help you assess customer effort and what it takes to retain their loyalty.

We help you create performance measurements that do more than ‘check the box’ and produce a score.

Using our trademarked EEIE™ process, we will work with you to develop a framework that identifies trends and finds ways to enhance individual and organizational performance.

Our proven methodology taps into the experience and expertise of everyone in your Contact Centre, from frontline to senior leadership. This approach clarifies expectations, encourages buy-in, rewards progress and ensures sustainability. It also reveals opportunities to deflect unnecessary calls, eliminate repeat calls, reduce customer effort, target training, refine processes, reduce costs, and increase customer confidence.