What We Do

Excellence starts with knowledge: practical knowledge and functional expertise.

We are industry specialists who understand contact centre management and what it takes to integrate people, processes and changing technologies that actually work. 

We’re “big picture” thinkers, but we’re also practical and tactical in our approach to making operational improvements. We can advise you on best practices for managing the customer experience, but we don’t just tell you what to do; we help you get it done by supporting the implementation of any change, growth or improvement plan we develop.

That’s why we take a holistic approach to managing change and enhancing performance in your contact centre. We are well known for designing, developing and deploying quality assurance programs that are positive and produce results and, we are also adept at enhancing the customer experience by:

  • Introducing positive contact avoidance strategies to reduce call and email volumes
  • Improving access and minimizing wait times
  • Developing real-time coaching and feedback processes
  • Prioritizing improvement strategies
  • Increasing technology use
  • Engaging employees in creating new programs to ensure success

We have consulted with sales and customer care operations, reservations centres, collection agencies, dispatch and field support organizations at various stages of development, including start-ups and consolidations. 

The best compliment our customers pay us is that not only do we freely share our knowledge and experience, but we also quickly and intuitively learn about their business, their needs and their challenges as their partner in developing realistic and affordable solutions that produce results.