Training & Coaching

Rely on our knowledge, skills, tools, support and on-the-job mentoring to deliver on your service promise to your customers and your employees.

Contact Strategies is focused on education and the transfer of skills, knowledge and abilities to ensure that we leave you with the in-house know-how you need to ensure long term success. Because we excel at getting to know your business and learning what it takes to achieve the desired results, our clients continually entrust us to design, develop and deliver group and one-on-one training programs to support their sales, service, coaching and quality assurance efforts.

Educate. Empower. Engage

We can help your teams connect with customers and each other by delivering customized training that is based on your industry, your business goals and the specific needs of your employees. Our trainings deliver results because we use your calls, your emails, your processes and your standards to create realistic scenarios and interactive activities that resonate with your staff and support skills transfer and the application of concepts, on the job.


At Contact Strategies, we firmly believe that every employee has the right to be coached and mentored to be the best they can be.

Coaching is not an event! It is a day-to-day activity that will affect a transfer of skills from the classroom to the job and cause behavioural change. For these reasons, we actively engage with our clients to create a coaching culture versus a “coaching program.”