Performance Optimization

Align your individual, team and centre-wide activities with your corporate goals and desired outcomes to recognize the contribution of your people and increase your contact centre’s value to the organization.

Are you drowning in numbers?

The good thing about technology is that it provides you with lots of data. The bad thing about technology is that it provides you with lots of data—much of which is neither meaningful nor actionable.

We’ll work with you and your leadership teams to decide what information you should be collecting and why. Then we’ll help you create and implement reporting processes that are simple, consistent and insightful.

Take advantage of our years of experience in interpreting data to get behind the numbers, analyze performance and diagnose the situation. Truly understand why productivity is what it is. Armed with this information, you can take the necessary steps to redirect or reinforce behaviour that is harming or improving your centre’s performance.

We’ll also help you drill down into organizational performance to determine what’s driving call, email and chat volumes. Do you have the right number of people, in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things, the right way—not only front-line staff, but also the trainers, managers, supervisors and coaches who monitor performance and provide direction, guidance and feedback to staff?

Together, we can help you build a performance support program that recognizes contributions and ensures that everyone in you organization understands how they individually influence not only the customer experience and customer satisfaction, but also employee engagement and employee satisfaction.

How We Can Help

Reporting - Develop executive dashboards and individual and team scorecards to report and assess performance trends.

Work Force Management and Optimization:  Manage service levels through effective forecasting, scheduling and real-time management.

Call Abatement Strategies and FCR: Drive down contact volumes—it’s even more important than reducing handle times. Categorizing and quantifying contact drivers is the first critical step in developing effective call abatement and FCR strategies. We focus on determining the solutions that best fit your organization—whether they relate to people, processes or technology.

Change Management:  Manage change effectively to achieve evolving organizational goals. We can help you engage employees to help them understand, embrace and adjust to change quickly.

Reward and Recognition Programs:  Create a motivating environment, while ensuring your reward and recognition programs are aligned with your organization’s strategic business goals and objectives.