Operational Assessments

Understand where you are today with a comprehensive review, specific recommendations and an implementation roadmap designed to maximize your centre’s potential.

Your contact centre is a “business inside a business.” It is also your organization’s most direct link to your customers—your company’s communication hub—responsible for managing a torrent of customer inquiries and requests generated via multiple channels, including phone, fax, email, chat and your website.

Your contact centre uses a unique set of practices, processes, procedures, measurements and metrics. It leverages technology to manage the quantity of transactions and develops highly skilled people to manage the quality of the customer interaction . When all of these factors are aligned, your contact centre reinforces your brand, delivers on your corporate sales and service objectives, and enhances the customer experience.

Successful contact centre leaders understand that managing all of these interdependencies is an ongoing task but not an easy one. They know that to be among the best of the best, their centres must continually refine, develop, adapt and adopt "next practices". They are constantly seeking new ways to increase efficiency and improve effectiveness to bring value to the organization.

Contact Strategies’ Operational Assessment can help you make the difference. Our seasoned operational experts take a "roll up our sleeves" approach when identifying opportunities to improve your operating performance and the quality of the customer experience. Whether you run an established contact centre or a start-up, we will share our knowledge of best practices, the expertise we have gained working with clients at all stages of their evolution and the innovative solutions we have helped develop.

Unlike some larger consulting firms, you won’t just give you a “report.” You’ll get solid practical recommendations to address the key business drivers in your centre, such as size, growth and staff management; an implementation roadmap; and the help you need to facilitate change and take your contact centre to the next level.

Our comprehensive and objective review includes an in-depth assessment of the following key components that may affect your success:

  • Strategy
  • Hiring, recruitment and orientation
  • Call management
  • Process review
  • Reporting
  • Service initiatives
  • Staff utilization
  • Training
  • Reward and recognition
  • Supervisory structure and coaching processes
  • Telephony and data integration
  • Channel management
  • Customer satisfaction

Working with your leadership team and your partners, we’ll help you identify and close service gaps to ensure that your customers have a consistent and positive experience.