Customer Experience – Another Slogan or the Key to Success?
Jan 07, 2019
Contact Strategies

There’s a lot of buzz these days about Customer Experience (CX) and many CEOs consider it just another take on Customer Service, but the two are co-dependent, not interchangeable.

Customer Service reflects listening to needs, offering advice, giving assistance, resolving problems and providing solutions. In essence, how staff interact with customers, but without a shared corporate strategy, a solid infrastructure, user-friendly systems, simplified processes and empowered employees good Customer Service is not enough to create a loyal customer base.


Customer Experience is the sum of every interaction a customer has with a company from advertising to the website to placing an online order or making an in-person purchase. It’s also the perception of whether your contact centre, salespeople, technicians, delivery or support teams want to build relationships or simply process transactions.

Customer Experience management goes beyond protecting the brand. It’s a measure of how well an organization delivers against customers’ expectations, not just once but over time. CX is a commitment that demonstrates that an organization values its customers’ business in a meaningful way and it significantly influences whether a customer will repurchase or recommend. CX extends well beyond monitoring NPS – Net Promoter Score or CSat – Customer Satisfaction results. It’s knowing and understanding the customer so well that their experience is seamless and effortless.

Amazon Prime has an unprecedented 74% conversion rate. Why? Because Amazon understands what digital shoppers want better than any other online retailer. Two-day free shipping, one-click checkout, plenty of great user reviews and easy returns all contribute to repeatable, positive customer experiences.

Since its inception, Disney’s sole focus has been creating entertaining experiences for every guest, at every age. Disney’s vision and mission statement begins with ‘We create happiness,’ and they do it extremely well because every cast member understands that how a customer feels is a valid business outcome.

Regrettably, despite all the hype, very few organizations have embraced the concept of Customer Experience and most interactions are mundane versus magical.

What’s the lesson? In 2019, as business leaders we need to shift our thinking from designing the experience we want our customers to have, to delivering the experience our customers want. How we interact with our customers, at every step of the journey must come from viewing the relationship through the customers lens, not the corporate lens if we expect our customers to be loyal, brand advocates.